Dyspraxia Foundation Local Groups


Co-ordinator: Rachel Holden & Ruth Tanner

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Hello and welcome to the Birmingham Dyspraxia Foundation Support group. The group has been set up by two local mums Rachel Holden who has a 8 year old daughter with dyspraxia and Ruth Tanner who has a 10 year old daughter who also has dyspraxia.

We aim to have a meeting once a month to offer friendship help and support to others in the Birmingham area who may suffer from Dyspraxia or care for someone who does. We can be contacted via the email link above

All parents and carers of children with dyspraxia welcome

Hope to see you soon

Rachel and Ruth.



Co-ordinator: Ian Woollams

Email us or call 0161 2929279 (after 7pm please) - Web:

Hello My name is Ian Woollams and I am the Local Group Co-ordinator for the Cheshire/Manchester area. We are based around Stockport and have two separate meets every month. One for kids and parents/careers, who meet monthly (Saturday mornings) at Pinewood House, Stepping Hill Hospital, Hazel Grove, Stockport. The other meet is for adults, who meet at The Arden Arms pub, Stockport town centre, every third Wednesday in the month.

Local group item imagePlease feel free to contact me via email using the link above or call me on the number provided (after 7pm please). Should you wish I can add you to our emailing list for our future events.

For the kids & parents/careers meetings we have two rooms. One with the We-ii set up, which my daughter aged 22yrs with severe dyspraxia runs. Another room next door is for the parents/careers to meet and have an ‘open forum’ discussion. So it’s a good chance to meet and talk with others who are living with dyspraxia. All family members are welcome to come too.

Sometimes there will be speakers coming to give us a presentation on topics that may be of interest to you. I notify any presentations in advance.

The adults meet in a lovely traditional Robinsons pub near to The Market in Stockport. We have a private small room hidden behind the bar, ‘The Snug”. Everyone loves this new meeting place as it is so intimate, with very respectful staff who are well used to local groups using the room.

There will be a general open forum group discussion at each meeting, so that you can bring your concerns or worries and offer your own personal experiences to the group discussions.

Our group ethos is ‘sharing and caring’. All are welcome.


Co-ordinator: Wendy Long

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Our group was formed in 1991 and we aim to develop the self-esteem of Dyspraxic children and young adults in our area by arranging various activities.

Our membership level is such that our group is no longer active. We need local parents of dyspraxic children to join and organise a new programme of events. In the past these events have been very successful in raising the self esteem of the children and giving them the opportunity to socialise. We do have funding available to help and we would be happy to pass on the benefit of our experience. Please email us using the link above if you would like to get involved.

County Durham


Email us or call - Web:

The Dyspraxia Foundation County Durham (DFCD) provides telephone and e-mail support to parents and carers of children with Dyspraxia in the North East of England.

Local group item imageWe offer:-
*Advice and Help with issues releating to Dyspraxia
*Signposting to Adult Support


Co-ordinator: Elaine Tickner

Email us or call 01228 539194 - Web:

The aim of the Dyspraxia Foundation Cumbria Support Group is to provide practical support, friendly faces and advice for those who have experience of dyspraxia themselves  or as a parent /carer of a child with dyspraxia. Our next meeting will be


Wednesday 4th March 2015


7pm – 9pm


Yewdale Community Centre

Hutton Way

Carlisle CA2 7TH

free parking and light refreshments provided

If you are interested in coming along (all welcome) please do contact Elaine Tickner , Voluntary Local Group Coordinator  using the email [email protected]






Email us or call - Web:

unfortunately we do not have a Voluntary Local Group Coordinator in Essex at the moment

However , if you have any questions on Dyspraxia or are looking for help and guidance we do have a Voluntary Local Contact who is  a parent of a child with Dyspraxia and is happy to offer support and advice locally via the email address provided



Email us or call - Web:

Gwent Branch Covering the Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust area. In Local Government terms that is the City of Newport, the Boroughs of Caerphilly, Torfaen and Blaenau Gwent and the County of Monmouthshire. For further information please call the Dyspraxia Foundation HQ 01462 455016

Parent support group meetings are held whenever enough parents feel there is a need to meet. They are usually held in Newport
We work very closely with our local Children’s centres and fund the cycling skills classes held for the children during the school holidays.


Co-ordinator: Claire Frary

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Hello and welcome to the Hampshire Support Group. My name is Claire and I have a teenage son who was diagnosed with Dyspraxia at the age of 7. We meet every two months currently and this is an all inclusive get together for adults with dyspraxia, parents and children. We are also planning some meet ups without children when there are sufficient numbers.


Please do feel free to contact me if you would like to meet with others to share experiences or would like local information, support and advice. I look forward to hearing from you.”


Co-ordinator: Mrs Janet Fleuchar

Email us or call - Web:

The Local Co-ordinator for Herefordshire is Mrs Janet Fleuchar.

Janet has a 15 year old son with Dyspraxia, low muscle tone, hypermobility, sensory processing problems and mild learning difficulties and moved to the area from Northampton in 2010 where she was the Dyspraxia Foundation Voluntary Local Coordinator for 2 years. She can be contacted via the email link

Janet has a vast knowledge and experience of DCD/dyspraxia and is keen to help parents. Due to ill health she is unable to organise regular meetings and events but is happy to offer support, information and advice to families via telephone or email.  

Please also contact Herefordshire Carers Support for local information and support on 01432 356068 or website http://www.herefordshirecarerssupport.org/



Email us or call - Web:

Hertfordshire Local Support for Families affected by Dyspraxia.

For information or advice for those affected by Dyspraxia living in Hertfordshire please email the Dyspraxia Foundation’s local contacts on the link above.


Co-ordinator: Pam

Email us or call - Web:

Hi my names Pam,i have a dyspraxic daughter.i hope i will be able to help people who are or know someone whos dyspraxic.

I hope to have meetings both social and informative with speakers on a bi monthly basis,and this gives a chance to bring peple of similar situations together.
For further details please email me using the link above.

Kent South East

Co-ordinator: Claire Maderia

Email us or call - Web:

We do have a Local Volunteer Support Group your area. The Volunteer Co-ordinator is: Claire Maderia email her using the link above . Non members are welcome to attend the group for no more than 3 ‘taster sessions’, after this membership to the Foundation is required for insurance purposes.

In addition, members of the Foundation are sent a list of other members in their area; receive a regular newsletter and discounts for books, literature, conferences and events. Also included in our membership is access to our ‘Members Only’ part of the website which includes a forum to share ideas and support.


Co-ordinator: Ken Hummer

Email us or call 01253 738679 anytime before 8 pm - Web:

Lancashire Group – helpline available for information and experience for a better indepth understanding of both children and adults.

Individual meetings may be arranged if required. Please telephone anytime before 8 pm for further information.
Ken Hummer
Local Co-ordinator
Tel: 01253 738679 if no reply – please keep on trying

Lancashire East

Co-ordinator: Wendy Howarth

Email us or call - Web:

Our Local Co-ordinator is Wendy Howarth

Wendy is a parent of a child with dyspraxia and happy to offer support and advice locally.

Please email her using the link above.


Co-ordinator: J. Bohen

Email us or call - Web:

We hold a number of meetings a year, which consist of a mix of Open Mornings, where you can come along and chat to us, with resources to try out and information leaflets to take away, and also Social Evenings, which are a mix of food and the opportunity to talk to each other. If you require any further information, please contact our local Co-ordinator J. Bohen using the link above.

London East

Co-ordinator: Ruth King

Email us or call - Web:

We do have a Local Volunteer Support Group your area. The Volunteer Co-ordinator is: Ruth King. Non members are welcome to attend the group for no more than 3 ‘taster sessions’, after this membership to the Foundation is required for insurance purposes.

In addition, members of the Foundation are sent a list of other members in their area; receive a regular newsletter and discounts for books, literature, conferences and events. Also included in our membership is access to our ‘Members Only’ part of the website which includes a forum to share ideas and support.

London (West) L Borough of Hounslow, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and the London Borough of Ealing.

Co-ordinator: Ian Roberts

Email us or call Telephone:- 0785 178 5382. Monday - Friday 9am-6pm - Web:

The next West London DF Support Group meeting will be held at Midday on Sunday 29th March 2015. The meeting will be a visit to the Science Museum in South Kensington http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/visitmuseum.aspx

The meeting point will be the entrance to the Science Museum on Exhibition Road. If you wish to attend the meeting the please email your details to Ian Roberts at [email protected] by no later than 8PM on Saturday 28th March 2015.

Attendees may bring up to two (2) guests with them details of whom are to be emailed to Ian Roberts at [email protected] by no later than 8PM on Saturday 28th March 2015 please.

For more information, feel free to contact Ian Roberts at [email protected] or on 0785 178 5382.





London Westminster

Co-ordinator: Silja Turville

Email us or call - Web: https://www.facebook.com/DyspraxiaFoundationWestminster

Welcome to the Dyspraxia Foundation Westminster Group!

Our aim is to provide practical support, friendly faces and activities for those who have experience of dyspraxia themselves or as a parent of a child with dyspraxia. What is said at our meetings is confidential.

We meet in central London and many of our meetings have a topic and guest speakers to pass on practical tips and provide a supportive environment to meet others with an interest in dyspraxia.

Please contact us any time or visit our  Facebook  page https://www.facebook.com/DyspraxiaFoundationWestminster for more information, to find out more about  our activities or to join our mailing list. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our next meetings are:

Key Therapies for Dyspraxia: How speech & physical therapies can help

We are pleased to let you know about our next meeting event taking place on Tuesday 17th March 2015 at 7pm at

Fairley House School

30 Causton Street, London SW1P 4AU.

We have three fantastic speakers who will share their experiences and views on three key therapies that can help with dyspraxia: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physio therapy


for further details of this exciting event please contact us [email protected]

We arrange activities and events based upon the feedback we receive from members so please get in touch.

Manchester ADULT Support Group

Co-ordinator: Janet Taylor

Email us or call 0161 8776668 - Web:

The Manchester Adult Support Group meets on the first Saturday of each month at various venues in Central Manchester. We have a combination of informal social meetings and more formal ‘skill sharing sessions’. We also have the occasional guest speaker.

For more information please contact the Voluntary Local Group Coordinator Janet Taylor by email [email protected] or call 0161  8776668



Email us or call - Web:

We are a small friendly group who have all gained a lot from knowing each other. We also raise awareness in our local area, and are involved in the Hillingdon Parent Carers Forum.

We will be having regular Coffee mornings, and soon we will have evening meetings. More details to follow.
We welcome suggestions for activities (or fund raising ideas) from all members of the group. Any help is much appreciated as well.

Contact the group using the email link above.

Norfolk (West)

Co-ordinator: Julie Doughty

Email us or call 07881756767 - Web:

Hello and welcome to the Dyspraxia Foundation West Norfolk Parents Support Group or Dyscoverer’s club. The Dyscoverer’s club has been set up and is run by parents, all who have a child with Dyspraxia, to offer support to children Dyspraxia and their families. The Dyscoverer’s club has been set up to help raise self-esteem, build confidence and to develop and improve social skills, personal skills and physical development in children with Dyspraxia, their siblings and to support their parents/carers. The Dyscoverer’s club meet on the first Saturday of the month between 10am and 1pm at The Discovery Centre, Columbia Way, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 2LA. There are a range of activities organised during the sessions including games, music, circus skills, karate, arts and crafts for the children to try with time for the parents to support each other over a cuppa. There are also extra events during school holidays these have included woodland/beach picnics, camping weekends, pantomime, bowling, and coach trips to London museums and Colchester zoo. The Dyscoverer’s Club aims to provide a supportive environment for the whole family and we look forward to meeting you and your family.

North Wales/Shropshire

Co-ordinator: Jayne Evans & Mags Lane

Email us or call - Web:

Jayne Evans and Mags Lane jointly co-ordinate the North Wales and Shropshire Group. Please contact by email: Jayne Evans and Mags Lane


Co-ordinator: Julie Lambert

Email us or call - Web:

Our Local Co-ordinator for Oxfordshire is Julie Lambert

Please email Julie using the link above.


Co-ordinator: Isabella Naylor-Leyland

Email us or call 07767 886868 - Web:

Welcome to the Peterborough Dyspraxia Group. We offer email and telephone advice. You can email the Peterborough group using the link above.

We have had conferences for teaching and health professionals.

We lend a sympathetic ear!


Co-ordinator: Victoria Littlehales

Email us or call - Web:

The Solihull Group Currently meet at the Family Renewal Centre, Lode Lane, Solihull. B91 2JR approximately every 6 weeks for an informal coffee morning parents and professionals are welcome to attend to share ideas and experiences. We are now including some evening meetings for those who are unable to attend in the day and a calendar of activities for the whole family to enjoy! 


Co-ordinator: Keely Brammer

Email us or call 01827 702511 (available 4 - 8pm) - Web:

Your Voluntary Local Coordinator is: Keely Brammer, please use the contact details above and the email link.

Our group meets the first Tuesday of every month at Wilnecote High School , Tamworth from 7pm – 9pm .
trampolining sessions held every Monday from 4:30 – 5:30 at Wilnecote High School specifically for dyspraxic children or those who have co-ordination issues . The children are coached by a fully qualified experienced disability’s instructor at £4:00 per session.
please contact me for further information


Co-ordinator: Charlotte Gillespy

Email us or call - Web:

Suffolk Dyspraxia Support Group

When: Fourth Wednesday of each month
Where: The Hyndman Centre, Hospital Road, Bury St Edmunds , IP33 3JT
(The Hyndman Centre is located next to St Peter’s church, opposite the Child Development Centre).

Time: 7-9pm
For more details use the email link above.

We are a small friendly group of parents who meet up once a month. The group started in 2009 and we are slowly growing and getting new members all the time. Parents are coming from Bury St Edmunds, Haverhill, Sudbury, Ipswich and anywhere in between.

Please email/call me if you can come along. I look forward to meeting you all.


Co-ordinator: Della & Kathy

Email us or call - Web:

The Dyspraxia Foundation Surrey Support Group exists to support families and individuals affected by dyspraxia.

After its recent AGM and Parents’ Support Group meeting on 13th July 2013, the Surrey Group now has a new Co-ordinator. Della Shanahan, who has a young child with dyspraxia, will cover all aspects of the Support Group dealing with under 18s.

The Adult Branch (for those with dyspraxia aged over 18) is organised by Kathy Mainstone, who originally established the Surrey Group in 2007, and who has an adult son with dyspraxia.

The Surrey Group’s aim is to provide support for those with dyspraxia and their families through regular meetings, which allow members to interact with others who have experience of the condition.

The Group has recently undergone a major change, and we will now hold our Parents’ Support Group meetings and Children’s Activity Group sessions on the second Saturday morning of every month, to run concurrently, from 10am until 11.30am, at our new venue in Molesey.

Therefore, the Group will now offer:
– A regular newsletter
– Regular dyspraxia-pertinent emails
– A telephone helpline (for parents)
– Monthly Parents’ Support Group meetings
– Monthly Children’s Activity Group sessions
– A Support Group (meeting 6 weekly) for Adults with Dyspraxia

You are welcome to join the group, whether you live in Surrey or in one of the neighbouring counties.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Either by post:
Dyspraxia Foundation Surrey Group
c/o Voluntary Action Elmbridge
Residents’ House
Community Walk
Esher, Surrey
KT10 9RA

Or by telephone to Della:
(Surrey Group Co-ordinator)
01372 702984
(Mon to Fri – 9.30am to 5.00pm
and 7.30pm to 8.30pm
Saturday 10.30am to 5.00pm
Please only call within these hours)

Or by email to Della:

Or by email to Kathy
(Adult Branch Co-ordinator)

Sussex West

Co-ordinator: Nicky Lawrence

Email us or call - Web:

Hello My Name is Nicky Lawrence and I am the Local Group Co-ordinator for the Mid & West Sussex area

I would be more than happy to hear from you, so please feel free to contact me via email link above.


Co-ordinator: Lauren Tipton & Dawn Richards

Email us or call - Web:

voluntary Local Group Coordinator   Dawn Richards

We are a  group set up in Walsall in the West Midlands.
We hold meeting’s on the last Tuesday of every month 7.00pm – 9.00pm at School of Hope, Stafford Street, Willenhall, WV13 2PG.
We hope to raise awareness of Dyspraxia and also offer support whatever your age.
We hope to see our group grow and also we would like to host some activity days and trips out for our members.
Please do contact us on using the email link above if you want any information or to help the group in any way.



Co-ordinator: Helen Lippitt - Cathy Parvin

Email us or call - Web: http://www.dizzkids.co.uk

Worcestershire Local Support Group for Families affected by Dyspraxia

Local group item image

Dizz Kids/Dizz Teens Co-ordinator ;
Helen Lippitt: [email protected]

Parent Advice Line;
Cathy Parvin: [email protected]



Dizz Kids I Dizz Teens

We have an activity club on a Thursday evening at Worcester University Campus for children with Dyspraxia. The group runs from 5.30pm until6.45pm. There is Trampolining with an experienced Coach, basketball with Coaches from the Worcester Wolves and other different activities each week (eg: cricket, rounders, badminton, etc). The children are split into different ages ranges and enjoy no pressure activities in a very non-competitive environment. They are a really nice group of children and do really enjoy coming along. The cost is £3 per week payable at the start of each half term. Parents stay with their children so a great opportunity to chat to other parents or to enjoy some of the activities with your children.

Helen Lippitt runs the Dizz Kids/Dizz Teens sessions so please contact her for further information
Helen Lippitt [email protected] (Available after 5pm anyday)

Yorkshire (East) - Hull


Email us or call - Web:


Email us or call - Web:

Local groups that need a Co-ordinator

Unfortunately we do not have a local co-ordinator in the following areas.

Please contact Lisa at head office for details of your nearest local group or if you are interested in becoming a local co-ordinator, ask Lisa for a role description.

Call 01462 455016 or email Lisa for more details.

All members of the Foundation are put in touch with other members locally and full details of our membership packages are available from our online shop.







Devon North/Mid



Gloucestershire South

London North

North Yorks



Tyne/Wear (North)

Tyne/Wear (South)

West Yorks