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The Dyspraxia Foundation helpline

The Dyspraxia Foundation helpline

Contact us on 01462 454986

Dyspraxia on film (and on CBeebies)

Dyspraxia on film (and on CBeebies)

Films about living with dyspraxia and the BBC series of Tree Fu Tom

10k runners for Dyspraxia Awareness

10k runners for Dyspraxia Awareness

All in a good cause, Dyspraxia awareness week 10k runners, apply now for this years race.


Our Helpline is now open

We are delighted to have our Helpline up and running again, offering help and advice to adults, parents, carers and families on and about Dyspraxia. The Helpline is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

call 01462 454986

Local charity gives its “stamp of approval” as it pledges to post out new book to over 200 schools

The Dyspraxia Foundation teams up with local Rotary Club to distribute specialist book to promote awareness of the condition

Hitchin-based charity, the Dyspraxia Foundation is delighted to announce that over 200 schools in the Hertfordshire area will be receiving a free, educational resource for the start of next term!

The delightfully fun yet touching and insightful book, “You’re so clumsy, Charley” (written by Jane Binnion – an author who herself has been diagnosed with dyspraxia) will be mailed out to 225 primary schools thanks to a grant from Hitchin Tilehouse Rotary Club, with a further £1,000 matched funding from the District Rotary Foundation.

youre so clumsy charleyThe cartoon-style book – which follows the daily challenges of Charley, young boy with dyspraxia – has been developed for children in Year 1 and 2 (ages 5 – 7) and the Dyspraxia Foundation advises that a copy is kept by the school’s SENCo (Specialist Educational Needs Co-ordinator). As well as reading it together as a class, teaching staff could also use the new resource to prompt a discussion with a parent who has raised concerns about their child.

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Charity adds a new voice to its cause as it announces its first ever “Celebrity Patron” ahead of Annual Awareness Week

Jamie Lambert from award winning “classical boy band” unveiled as new patron for the Dyspraxia Foundation.

The Dyspraxia Foundation – the only national charity in the UK dedicated to raising awareness of dyspraxia and championing the needs of people living with the condition – is hitting the high notes this week with the news that it has recruited its first ever celebrity ambassador!

Jamie Lambert26 year old Jamie Lambert (originally from Tyne and Wear) is a founding member and “one fifth’ of the acclaimed all male singing group, Collabro, who shot to fame last year after winning ITV’s prime time talent show, ‘Britain’s Got Talent.”

Jamie, who along with his fellow band members stole the hearts of the nation with their winning rendition of, ‘Stars’ from Les Miserables, invited the team at Dyspraxia Foundation to announce his new role to all delegates at the charity’s recent summer conference………..

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Research Participants Required


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British 10K Run London, 12th July 2015

roadrace20152Huge thanks to our fantastic runners raising awareness and funds for the Dyspraxia Foundation-

Caroline Crollick

Kieran Wassell

Louise Morris

James Rainbow

Aaron Trowbridge

Jo Webb

Paul Fitzgibbons

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British Man Becomes First in World to Cycle Length of Cuba

Cuba cycle ride1Ben Graham Jones of Chippenham, Wiltshire, has become the first person in the world to cycle the entire length of the Caribbean’s largest island. The achievement was confirmed on June 27, 2015, by staff at Guanacahabibes National Park, which regulates entry to the Westernmost point. Jones was cycling as a fellow of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to raise awareness about dyspraxia. “Dyspraxia is similar to dyslexia, however it affects physical coordination and movement. Many dyspraxics struggle with riding a bike, and I wanted to show that with the right combination of determination and resilience, this challenge can be overcome. I remember everyone else in my primary school undertaking their ‘cycling proficiency test’. Having never shown any aptitude for cycling, I sat at the side. At university I was diagnosed with dyspraxia, but when I Googled ‘dyspraxic role models’ I saw there were not many. Even though I had broken my wrist coming off a bike at university, I became determined to fill the vacuum of dyspraxic role models by overcoming a challenge we face in spectacular fashion. Every worthy cause needs pioneers, and I want to inspire other people – dyspraxic or not – to tackle their own personal difficulties”.

After 36 days of cycling, Jones has become the first person to cycle the entire length of the island.

“One and a half thousand kilometres and a similar number of mosquito bites later, I felt the most intense elation as the lighthouse at Cuba’s westernmost tip came into view. Over two days of cycling, I had passed only three small villages”.

Jones’ epic journey took him past Cuban military bases at Guantanamo, into a Cuban hospital when he tore the skin on his leg, which became infected, and into the homes and lives of ordinary people across the nation.

“My message to people who struggle with any personal difficulty is that with the right combination of determination and resilience, even the most monolithic of obstacles can usually be overcome. Let us never use our personal challenges as an excuse for failure, but always as a motivation for success. I am determined that my story will inspire people to challenge their own difficulties”.

Jones’ first job was working in a factory, but he later went on to become the first from his family to go to university, graduating from Cambridge last year and subsequently working for US President Jimmy Carter on the response to Ebola and on the OSCE election observation mission to Kazakhstan.

“Every great cause needs pioneers. Fifty years ago, few knew much about dyslexia, but now many employers and educators have progressive attitudes towards the condition. I hope to pave the way for a comparable understanding of dyspraxia. My journey across Cuba has ended, but it is only now that the real journey of spreading awareness begins”.

“I ask champions in media everywhere to take this opportunity to ensure that when dyspraxic people in future Google ‘dyspraxic role models’, they see that it is possible to overcome the difficulties we face. What is needed is advocates in the media to act as loudspeakers to ensure that the success of my journey heard everywhere, and people become aware of dyspraxia as a result.”

Ben will land back at 16.20 London Heathrow on July 2nd, flight AF 1280, where he will be available for media relations. He can also be contacted at [email protected] or +44 (0)7758379273. He hopes to use every avenue possible to publicise the fact that dyspraxia need never be a barrier to achievement.

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Dyspraxia Awareness Week 11th - 17th October 2015

In preparation for Dyspraxia Awareness week we want to find out whether dyspraxia affects boys/men and girls/women differently. We are therefore inviting teenagers and adults with a diagnosis of dyspraxia or DCD, and parents of younger children with a diagnosis of dyspraxia or DCD to complete an online survey – please see link below. The findings will be used in a press release to raise awareness of dyspraxia this autumn.

Please note: we are interested in the experiences of people who already have a diagnosis of DCD or dyspraxia for this survey. We know there are lots of people who don’t yet have a diagnosis and we hope that the findings of this survey will help raise awareness of the importance of securing a diagnosis so that appropriate help and support can be provided. Thank you for participating!

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Volunteers’ Week, 1 – 7th June 2015



Volunteers’ Week is an annual event which takes place on 1-7 June. It celebrates the contribution made by millions of volunteers across the UK.

The Dyspraxia Foundation would like to take this opportunity to celebrate our own valued volunteers with a huge thank you to all those who give their time freely to support our work from Local coordinators, committees and contacts, trustees and advisors, office and helpline volunteers to everyone who helps raise awareness and funds around the UK.

Monday 1st June Middlesex Voluntary Local Group Coordinator Wendy Caines shares her volunteering experience

“I felt very isolated once my son had finished his Occupational Therapy sessions and I had no one near to ask questions. There was no support group in my area so I decided to volunteer to run one myself, in order to meet other parents of children with Dyspraxia. The Dyspraxia Foundation supported me to set up my group. I have run the group f1433157253_tmp_wendy_Cor over 4 years now and meet regularly with parents and adults with dyspraxia. Over the years the Adults have been an inspiration to the parents, the parents of older children have helped the parents of younger children, as they have already had the school experience. Recently some of the parents gave tips and strategies to one of our adults who was anxious about going to the airport for the first time in years, He left feeling well prepared . In fact, having learnt more about the condition, some of the parents have now realised that they too have Dyspraxia. We have all shared our experiences good and bad, and gained a lot from each other. I also have a stall every year at our Local Carers Fair which is a great way to meet new people and raise awareness of Dyspraxia. There have been many rewarding moments for me personally over the years as well.”

Tuesday 2nd June

Today we say a big THANK YOU to the Dyspraxia Foundation Advisory Panel members who volunteer their time, knowledge and experience to support people affected by dyspraxia by responding to queries, producing information for the website, writing factsheets and presenting at conferences and events. Sally Payne, member of the Medical Panel says “The medical panel receives queries from parents, professionals and adults with dyspraxia on a range of subjects including how to access services, co-occurring diagnoses and intervention approaches. Queries sometimes generate interesting discussions between panel members as we draw on our varying knowledge and experience. We also work in various places around the country so bring a broader perspective to queries that may be influenced by local factors. Many panel members are experts in their field so have access to research and current thinking about what constitutes ‘best practice’. The Chair of the panel draws together a response based on panel members’ advice which is forwarded on our behalf to the person who made the enquiry. It is important that the information we provide is considered and reasoned, rather than emotionally-driven. I’m pleased to have the opportunity to volunteer my skills and experience as a member of the Medical Panel and hope that many people have benefitted from our advice.”

If you have a question for the medical, education, adult, youth or research panel please contact us here:

Wednesday 3rd June 

The Dyspraxia Foundation celebrates its volunteer fundraisers: We are blessed to have people who are willing to fundraise on our behalf. From epic events like swimming the channel and running great distances, to bike rides, stalls, giving talks, making cakes and crafts, and people simply donating on our webpage. Too many wonderful people to mention individually but you know who you are and we appreciate every single one of you. You make a huge difference to what we can achieve. THANK YOU ALL

If you are a runner or feeling fit – we still have places for the British 10K Road Race around the streets of London on Sunday, 12th July. See the Entry form to join ‘Team Dyspraxia’ to be part of a terrific day with plenty of support along the route or call 01462 455016 and speak to Alex.

k wassell croppedYoung Kieran Wassell says “I have run the British 10K London Run for the Dyspraxia Foundation for the past 9 years – this run will be my 10th time around the course. I never expected to be still running the race 10 years on but I really enjoy it. The crowds are fantastic, the scenery great and it’s different to other half marathons I do. It’s a chance to meet others with dyspraxia and on top of all that a fun day out as well. You don’t need to be fit or fast to do the run, some people take a couple of hours but the main thing is to enjoy it and take in the great atmosphere as well as getting valuable sponsorship for the Foundation! Why not join me at the start on Sunday, 12th July!!”


Thursday 4th July

Today we celebrated our office and helpline volunteers with a get together, certificates and a sunny plant to make them smile. We have 15 volunteers who man the helpline on 01462 45498601462 454986 from 9 – 5 on Monday to Friday. Some of the calls are difficult and can easily last over 1/2 hour. These are just a few comments about the service volunteers

‘I found this service extremely helpful and sympathetic, as well as providing good information for adults with dyspraxia, I wish there was more awareness of the condition. Thank you’

‘Really grateful for the warm, level headed lady I spoke to, she gave me clear, compassionate, well informed advice and helped steady me on a day I was at a loss as to know what to do. Thank you’

‘I really appreciate the kindness and patience of the lady I spoke to when I became emotional during the telephone call. Since then, and on your advice, my daughter is seeing a hospital paediatric consultant with a view to being referred to the Nuffield Centre in London. Thank you so much.’

Friday, 5th June

TODAY, as part of ‪#‎volunteersweek‬, 1 – 7th June we recognise the contribution of young people as they volunteer their time freely to be Young Ambassadors for dyspraxia! They are without exception keen to raise awareness and funds and are passionate about sharing their experiences to help others. They are an important part of our organisation and sit on Youth Focus Groups supporting our new Youth Information Officer, blog, feature in the press, fundraising events and give presentations to help raise awareness and increase understanding.

rosieRegular blogger and guest speaker at the Summer Conference in London on Saturday, 27th June Rosie Edmondson says

“I volunteer my time to the Dyspraxia Foundation because they helped my family a lot when I was growing up, and gave my mum and dad a lot of support when they had nobody who understood what dyspraxia was. I also volunteer because I love to help people who have gone through similar as me in life and I like to think it helps make a difference. The ladies who work at the dyspraxia foundation are also really lovely people who appreciate every penny and every minute of time given, and it helps to boost my confidence a lot because I know people “get it” won’t judge and will understand me.

Raising awareness of dyspraxia to me is something I will always be passionate about as still not many people understand what dyspraxia is as it is completely invisible so people can make a lot of negative assumptions which can affect confidence, achievement, self-esteem and mental wellbeing. Raising awareness is important to me so people know how to help someone who they might know who is dyspraxic and can give them the right support and understanding to help them achieve and be successful in life but also understand how dyspraxia can affect day to day life and why people are the way they are and might do things in a completely different way to everyone else does. It’s so important to me that talking about hidden differences and disabilities isn’t a taboo subject and isn’t something to be ashamed of as at some point in life everyone will meet a dyspraxic.

I am also passionate about rasing awareness of the strengths people who have dyspraxia have and what determined hard working people we are, we just need more time and our own way of approaching life as our brains are wired in a different way. I hope one day hidden differences will get the same awareness as more visible ones and all people with dyspraxia have the opportunity to get where they want to be in life and most importantly be happy.”

It’s not too late to book a place to hear Rosie and Liam Plumridge talk about growing up with dyspraxia and how they never let dyspraxia stop them achieving their goals. Remember members get 50% discount.…/AGM-and-conference-…


Saturday 6th June


TODAY we thank our hardworking Charity Trustees who give their time and expertise to help take the organisation forward. Together they support all aspects of our work including finances, literature and publications, conferences and events, fundraising, social networking and website, planning,strategies and policies and support for the Administration team. Each and everyone has a specific responsibility and they come together every two months from around the country to agree plans and policy, approve publications and much more. Here are a few snapped at a meeting today at our offices in Hitchin – Paul Wassell, Jonathan Levy, Nick Southwell, Wendy Caines, Sally Payne and Michele Lee. Gill Dixon missed the photo but was on hand to contribute to discussions on the day. With Yvonne Lee and Peter Keegan, they make up a Board of Trustees that includes professionals working in health and education, PR and fundraising, finances, parents of children with dyspraxia and adults with dyspraxia.

Thank you all for your commitment and passion about dyspraxia and the Dyspraxia Foundation!

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How can you help spread the word?

a4 poster as pic for websiteWe are fast approaching the end of year 2 of our 3 year project. ‘Dyspraxia Diffusion’ funded by the Big Lottery Fund to employ a full time Information Officer and offer a vital Helpline Service. Lisa McCarthy and trained volunteers are busy answering calls and emails from 9 -5, Monday to Friday but there are still parents, adults with dyspraxia, health and education professionals and employers who do not know we are here ready to help. You can help by downloading an A4 Poster or A3 Poster and putting up in your local school, surgeries, hospitals, parent groups, places of work, or anywhere people will see it.

contact us for copies if you could use a supply in your area.

[email protected] or call us on 01462 455016


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Dyspraxia - The positive side revealed

Kieran and BeckyI was born twenty seven years ago when knowledge about dyspraxia was in it’s infancy and the Dyspraxia Foundation had just started and the first few years were a bit of a struggle for me. If you want to know what it’s like to be at primary school with dyspraxia try using small scissors to cut out a person shape whilst wearing oven gloves! Still I like to think I have a ‘Can do’ attitude there were some things I could do like I could ride a pedal cycle without stabilisers at 4 years old and because of my parents confidence in me I progressed to a motorbike at 6 years old. School life was always a bit of a challenge, especially anything involving sequencing, which seems to be just about everything!………………. More on this story and others can be seen in the members area Positive Stories page and some excerpts on our Facebook page. Details on membership are below.

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'Dyspraxia - The Foundations' Now available in Kindle format

Foundations coverA comprehensive introduction to dyspraxia with quick and easy e- links to relevant information on the Dyspraxia Foundation website. The book covers, diagnosis, what dyspraxia is and isn’t, its impact, movement difficulties, family issues, visual learning difficulties,support strategies and more. This is an excellent and inexpensive book for those starting out on their journey with dyspraxia, but equally is excellent additional information for anyone interested in the condition, with prior knowledge, or who supports someone with the condition. It avoids complicated jargon and is a really accessible book which can be read as a whole or dipped into as needs arise. It is the only book to date with a detailed chapter on visual learning difficulties written by an expert in the field. Available from the Amazon Kindle store – Dyspraxia – The Foundation by Gill Dixon  Also available free to members through the Members Only section, join today

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A comparison of the level of fatigue and associated psychosocial impairments experienced by adults with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) with that of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

The Dyscovery Centre are currently looking for adults aged 18 or above to take part in a research project investigating the level of fatigue and other factors experienced by adults with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). We are conducting the study because the Centre is increasingly seeing clients in clinic with DCD who are reporting high levels of fatigue. In addition, there have been no studies investigating whether the fatigue experienced in these cases is caused by increased physical exertion (physical fatigue), due to increased cognitive load (mental fatigue), or indeed a combination of both. The purpose of the study is to compare the level and type of fatigue being reported by adults with DCD to the fatigue experienced by adults with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). We will also compare both the DCD and CFS groups with a group of adults who do not have either. You will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires, in the form of an online survey, which have been used in previous studies to assess the nature and level of fatigue in CFS. This will take the form of ticking the appropriate boxes and will take between 20-30 minutes to complete. You will, if you prefer, be able to complete the questionnaire at your own pace, as you can leave the questionnaire and return to it at a later date. Paper versions of the questionnaire will also be available on request. We will use the information that you give us to compare a group of individuals with DCD to a group with CFS and a group who do not have DCD or CFS. We will not identify any individuals who take part. If you are over 18 years old and have a diagnosis of DCD and you wish to take part in the study please email us at: [email protected] or telephone The Dyscovery Centre 01633 432330 and ask for Dr Marie Thomas.

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Research Participants Required

Researchers at University College London are currently running a study to examine the relationship between visual perception and movement skills in Developmental Coordination Disorder

  • We are recruiting male and female children and adults aged between 4 and 60 years old with a diagnosis of a Developmental Coordination Disorder, dyspraxia or clumsiness
  • This study will involve one session lasting approximately 90 minutes at University College London (5 minutes from Kings Cross) or a local support group.
  • During this time you will be asked to complete a word and pattern matching task, short computer games, a questionnaire about your previous and current motor skills and some quick motor tasks
  • You will be paid travel expenses (up to £20) for your participation
  • Your participation will enable us to gain a better understanding of how variations in visual perception contribute to movement skills, which may be useful in helping those with coordination problems

If you are interested in learning more about this project and taking part, please contact Fleur Corbett [email protected] for further details, providing your name, age and a contact telephone number.

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The Dyspraxia Foundation membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March each year.  Please do become a member and join us as we continue to raise awareness and understanding of Dyspraxia and support those affected by the condition. The Foundation depends entirely on membership subscriptions and donations to survive. Download your Membership form here Membership form 2015-16 Standard/Professional members paying by Standing Order receive a £2 discount download the Membership Standing Order Form here. Please complete your details and return the form to us for processing. We look forward to hearing from you. Alternatively , membership can also be purchased from our webshop

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News Archive

The news archive for the Dyspraxia Foundation can be found at News Archive Here you will find previous articles which have appeared on the Homepage of the Foundation as well as other items which have previous appeared within the website

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How can you help!

Every donation helps us to improve the lives of people affected by dyspraxia, if you would like to help please use the button below.

Local charity gives its “stamp of approval” as it pledges to post out new book to over 200 schools

The Dyspraxia Foundation teams up with local Rotary Club to distribute specialist book to promote awareness of the condition Hitchin-based charity, the Dyspraxia Foundation is delighted to announce that over 200 schools in the Hertfordshire area will be receiving a free, educational resource for the start of next term! …read more


Dyspraxia Foundation adds a new voice to its cause

Charity adds a new voice to its cause as it announces its first ever “Celebrity Patron” ahead of Annual Awareness Week Jamie Lambert from award winning “classical boy band” unveiled as a new patron for the Dyspraxia Foundation The Dyspraxia Foundation – the only national charity in the UK dedicated to raising awareness of dyspraxia […]


Robert Farrow swims the English Channel to raise awareness of dyspraxia and funds for the Dyspraxia Foundation!

Congratulations to Robert Farrow who swam the English Channel today (02.09.14) to raise awareness of dyspraxia and funds for the Dyspraxia Foundation! Robert completed his marathon swim in just 12 hours and 57mins – what an achievement !!! Why did Robert chose to support the Dyspraxia Foundation? “Because this condition personally affects me. I understand […]